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Life is too short to spend it fighting with your computer.

You've got better things to do than search for files and struggle to keep up with email. 

It's costing you time and mental clarity to use systems you only vaguely understand.

You, yes YOU, can learn to manage your daily tech interactions with ease and efficiency. 

You don't have to be an IT expert to manage your online life. 

You just need to understand how to effectively navigate the tools you already have.

We believe everyone can be digitally fluent.

Digital fluency is knowing how to use the best online tools to achieve your goals. 

Think you’re a Luddite? Do you struggle to keep your digital files organized, connect with family and friends online, or do you need to use the tools you need to effectively manage your business? We can help. 
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Our Services


Digital fluency for companies, groups, or individuals.


For business, organizational, and creative projects. 

Individual Sessions

Personal computer skill-building sessions.

Group Sessions

Virtual workshops, trainings, and webinars.

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Hi, I'm Bobby!

Technology Coach & Trainer

I can help you center your focus back on your business/projects/creative endeavors without struggling with the technologies that support them.

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